Oyster Tsarskaya Saint Kerber

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Oyster Tsarskaya Saint Kerber

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Tsarskaya Oysters are named the Pearl of the Tsars, in tribute to the Russian tsars. They are farmed and processed exclusively at Cancale in Brittany and have always been the favourite oysters of the kings and in the past century of the Tsars.

Tsarskaya Oysters have fleshy, meaty, and firm oysters with a unique flavour. They are mild, almost sweet, rounded taste, with a hint of hazelnut. They were the Gold Medal-winning oyster of the year in 2009. The season begins in October.

One of the best places for oysters in the world is the bay of cancale, located opposite the famous Mont Saint Michel France. Oysters are farmed in this amazing place by Parc Saint Kerber since generations.


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