Carpet Shell Wild/ Vongole Verace Pescata

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Carpet Shell Wild/ Vongole Verace Pescata

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Did you know that clams are a rich source of iron? That's right: a nice plate of pasta with clams provides a similar amount of iron as meat or legumes. Whether in the north or south of Italy, it is the goodness of this seafood that makes clams a key ingredient in Italian cuisine. Vongole Veraci clams have a characteristic triangular-shaped shell.

They can be fished - they burrow down to a depth of fifteen meters - but are generally bred just for human consumption. The way they have bred means that they have a sweeter, more delicate taste than ordinary clams, and are also more sought after when paired with wines and accompanying dishes. This justifies the higher cost of clams compared to ordinary clams. Fresh clams are still alive, which can be verified by checking the condition of the shell. The shell must be completely closed. It can also be semi-closed, but if you touch it, it will close instantly.

Preparation: the clams should be thoroughly cleaned in water and left to soak for at least three hours to remove all the sand. Clams live in sandy soil at the bottom of the sea, which is their ideal habitat.


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