Gambero Rosso Prawns 27/30 XL

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Gambero Rosso Prawns 27/30 XL

The Gambero Rosso prawn lives at a depth of 700 meters, where strong sea currents makes it pure. Its taste is intense, with sweet, smoky notes.

FEMALES GAMBERO ROSSO: they have a long rostrum that extends well beyond the hard parts of the carapace, on which they carry 7/8 small teeth. An adult female can weigh up to 50 g, so they are mainly found in XXL and XL packs. The average lifespan is 7/9 years.

Between May and September the females are full of eggs, which are manifested by black spots on the head. The darker the spots, the larger the eggs. In this period it has a sweeter taste, an excellent consistency without fraying when cut.

Commercial name: Red Prawn Species - Scientific name Aristaeomorpha foliacea FAO code: ARS Presentation: whole WHL Origin - Fishing area: FAO zone 37.2.2 Central Mediterranean Sea - Ionian Sea Fishing gear: trawl - (O.T.B) Antioxidant: E-586 4-hexylresorcinol Glazing: 0% Sulphites: 0%


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Friend of the sea
Gambero Rosso
400 - 500 gr

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