Prawns Tensi-No Ebi 41/50

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Sashimi Grade Obsiblue Prawns Tensi-No Ebi 41/50

Obsiblue is a blue prawn from New Caledonia, unique for its taste and origin, as it is farmed in a light turquoise lagoon, protected by UNESCO. Only few tons are harvested per year, by a group of farmers dedicated to this special specie.

Obsiblue prawn is sashimi grade, which means it is suitable for raw application, such as tartar or sushi, but it is also a wonderful product to cook. Its flesh is slightly sweet, melty, with delicate iodine flavors. Its tail is deep blue and it has very long antenna.

Obsiblue is a premium delicacy found for all these reasons on the best tables around the world, a must-try!


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New Caledonia

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