Sea Urchin Caviar in Brine

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Sea Urchin Caviar in Brine

It begins with the selection of the finest raw materials for the production of Sea Urchin Roe in the water.

There is great demand for Sea Urchin Roe in France, Japan, and Spain (in particular, Catalonia, Cadiz, and the Balearic Islands). Sea Urchin Roe, although it blends exceptionally well with scrambled eggs, soups, creams, and pastes, "Serrats" Preserves recommends eating it as it is presented in their cans. It is immersed in water so that the flavor, which evokes the sea, is savored.

The Sea Urchin Roe comes packaged in a 60gr can. Weight (net). Specifically, they add salt and lemon to the water to make the Sea Urchin Roe taste great. In terms of nutrition, Sea Urchin Roe is remarkable for its protein content of 7.8%, low-calorie level, and high phosphorus and iron content. Sea Urchin Roe also contains carbohydrates, sodium, and unsaturated fats.
"There is no seafood that combines the sea flavor as perfectly as Sea Urchin Roe.".


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