Lobster Canadian Raw Shelled Tails+Claws Vac 196/224 GR Msc

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Cinq Degres Ouest are proud to pioneer a more eco-friendly and efficient method for harvesting lobster, utilizing cutting-edge technology to remove the meat from the shell via a high-pressure process that preserves the meat's integrity. They thoroughly inspect each piece by hand to ensure there are no shell remnants, then cryogenically freeze the meat, locking in its flavor and texture to offer seasonal products year-round.

Drawing on their family's 1895 tradition of farming oysters, shellfish, and crustaceans, they have developed a line of exceptional-quality products that are both easy to use and convenient. These products are individually packaged, allowing you to defrost only what you need for ultimate cooking ease and portion control.

Cinq Degres are committed to sustainability and quality, offering both Blue and Canadian Lobster that are MSC-certified as sustainable seafood and of Sashimi grade quality. Join us in savoring the best of the sea, while protecting the planet we call home.


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