Yellowfin Tuna Bone

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Ceylon Fresh Seafood represents a collaborative venture between partners in Sri Lanka and the UK, operating a state-of-the-art facility near Colombo International Airport. They specialize in producing premium fresh and frozen seafood for global export, meeting stringent international standards such as FDA, BRC, SILLIKER, ISO, and EU regulations.

Their commitment to excellence is multifaceted. They prioritize a consistent supply of high-quality seafood, responsibly sourced from well-managed fisheries. This commitment extends to building trust-based relationships with suppliers and customers, while adhering meticulously to statutory and regulatory requirements.

Ceylon Fresh Seafood's focus on sustainability is evident in their dedication to forging lasting customer partnerships and their unwavering pursuit of top-tier product quality. They aim to deliver complete customer satisfaction while maintaining cost-effective production practices.

Their dedication extends beyond product quality to embrace responsible business practices. They show respect for the environment and prioritize workplace health and safety. Moreover, they invest in their employees' well-being through comprehensive training to ensure alignment with customer needs.


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