Black Cod Msc S/On H & G Size 57Lbs/Pc K GR

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Amacore, a privately owned frozen seafood supplier based in Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands, engages in the import, distribution, processing, and export of seafood products across Europe. Originally established in 2002 as Open Seas, the company transitioned to Amacore B.V a few years later, focusing on frozen seafood as its core business. Over the past 15 years, Amacore has evolved into a member of the Future Fish Group, boasting a dedicated team of 35 professionals and its own production facility in the Netherlands, with ambitions for further growth.

Amacore's mission is to provide worldwide access to seafood for every individual, while its vision, set to be achieved by 2025, is to be recognized as a specialist in a carefully selected range of reliable and high-quality seafood, serving 35 countries globally. The company plans to attain this vision through responsible global sourcing, product focus, internal development, and collaborative efforts throughout the supply chain, driven by a passionate team of seafood professionals.

What sets Amacore apart is its deep-seated passion for fish, evident in its commitment to delivering the best quality products to customers, emphasizing the sensory experience of the feel, touch, and taste of seafood.


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Black Cod

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