Oyster Bouzigues N°4

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Bouzigues Oysters are shellfish and named after the town they were originally produced in southern France. Bouzigues Oysters are farmed in the famous Étang de Thau, using the suspended farming techniques.

Thau water is graded A, which means you can eat them directly when caught. They are merged in a blend of sea water and fresh water which gives Bouzigues Oysters a very distinctive taste.

They are a flat variety with marbled shells. Bouzigues Oysters are fleshy, quite iodized with a taste of hazelnut.

The Tarbouriech house promotes values such as passion, work, respect, and innovation. It is their mission to provide everyone with healthy, high-quality food. The company strives to improve its performance and reduce its environmental impact. Their goal is to spread a spirit of living that supports life.

The company embarked on a process of quality control and continuous improvement in 1998 in order to provide its customers with very high quality, healthy, and ultra-safe oysters.

Their group is certified according to the highest international standards:
· ISO 9001 certification (continuous improvement and customer satisfaction)
· ISO 22000 (food safety)
· ISO 14001 (environmental management)

As a result of its unwavering commitment to the total quality of oyster and mussel production, the company acquired the Organic Agriculture label in 2012.


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