Oyster Dibba N°4 Dibba Bay

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A farm in Dibba Bay was established in 2016, after several years of extensive tests and careful planning. Although the Middle East is famous for its pearl oysters, in general, edible oysters were not known to thrive in the local area.

The edible oyster is a different variety that was historically believed to only survive in colder waters; but with meticulous farming and best practices, these oysters are not only growing but actually flourishing in the beautiful warm waters of Fujairah! The rich nutrient waters allow us to produce locally and deliver a unique, world-class product right to your table.

They are constantly looking for well-qualified aquaculture personnel who might be willing to take on a new challenge, including expert aquaculture managers and deep-sea divers.

The enchanting farming town of Dibba is nestled in the shadow of the rugged Musandam Peninsula, amidst the stark beauty of the Hajar Mountains and the clear, azure waters of the Gulf of Oman. Dibba has a fine tradition of fisheries and farming, with a booming fish market, date farms, and citrus orchards.


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