Herring Fillets Sweet 200 GR

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Herring Fillets Sweet 200 GR

Harvested from the frigid waters along the Norwegian coastline, our herring fillets undergo a meticulous process involving delicate salting and the time-honored JC David slow smoking method, a distinctive hallmark of our establishments. These herring fillets proudly bear the Red Label, a testament to the superior quality that has made them our best-selling product.

For a delectable culinary experience, simply remove the protective film and marinate your herring fillets in a blend of sunflower oil, small onions, delicate carrots, and fragrant herbs, allowing them to infuse their flavors for a full 24 hours in the refrigerator. If you're interested in exploring the traditional pairing of herring with warm potatoes, don't miss our innovative recipes in the dedicated section!


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