Dover Sole Les Viviers De Noirmoutier 600/800

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Dover Sole Les Viviers De Noirmoutier 600/800

Scientific Name: Solea  

Cut Off Weekly Timing: Monday 1 pm - Friday Delivery // Wednesday 1 pm - Monday Delivery

Based In Vendee , Sables D Olonne "Les Viviers De Noirmoutier " Family Artisan enterprise specialized in High seafood products since 1986. The reputation of Dover Sole is attached to its Name, living on the sandy seabed of the northern Atlantic ocean. It is rich in sodium, good cholesterol, and protein. This fish is exclusive and enticingly different from other mundane white fish species. The famous recipe “sole meuniere” cooked with a lot of butter, lemon and parsley is a must!


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Dover Sole

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