Oyster Flat No°3 Prat Ar Coum

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Belon oysters are flat, round, with a hazelnut, metallic flavor, characteristic of this type of oyster. Prat Ar Coum farm is located 30 km north of Brest, in the very west part of France. The unique Abers where rivers meet the Atlantic sea give a special taste to Prat Ar Coum oysters, a subtle blend of delicate and vivacious notes.

In 1898, the Madec family settled in Lannilis in the meadow of Coum on the sheltered banks of the Aber Benoît. Early oyster farmers in the Abers, they choose the best parks to farm in. In Prat-Ar-Coum, big tables like the "Maison Prunier" or "l'Huîtrière" in Lille already exist.

These basins are still visible today on the beaches at Prat-Ar-Coum. The oyster farming industry in each of these countries has faced hardships (war, epizootics, oil spills) and passed on its knowledge and mastery to the next generation. It is now the turn of the 5th generation of Madec to join the firm.


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