Blue Lobster Live/ European Lobster 500/600

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Blue Lobster Live/ European Lobster 500/600 

Scientific Name: Homarus Gammarus

Cut Off Weekly Timing: Monday 1 pm - Friday Delivery // Wednesday 1 pm - Monday Delivery

European lobster, also known as Blue Lobster or Common lobster, is a species of clawed lobster from the Eastern Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and parts of the Black Sea. They commonly reach sizes from 23 cm to 38 cm and weighs between 400 gr to 2,2 KG. The lobsters are blue, and only become red upon cooking. Both the claws and the abdomen contain “excellent” white meat.

Aurora Seafood located in the Netherlands a wholesale company that specialized in live and fresh seafood all over Europe and around the world. Its mission is to provide its customers worldwide with premium quality seafood through innovation, integrity, and sustainability.

Aurora Seafood source its products from the best fisheries, fish auctions, and specialized suppliers all over Europe and the world. They continuously ensure quality at customer delivery and perform thorough quality checks resulting in premium quality seafood.


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Western Europe
Wild Fishing
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Blue Lobster

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