Monkfish Liver

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Monkfish Liver

Scientific Name: Lophius piscatorius

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The monkfish is a delicious fish, highly appreciated mostly for its tail, liver and cheeks. Despite its ugly appearance, there are no bones in monkfish, which is ideal for kids too. It lives in deep waters, up to 1000 meters and is sometimes up to 2m in size.

The monkfish cheeks are usually grilled or cooked in sauces, with coconut milk and curry, in bouillabaisse, with Mediterranean products like tomatoes, olive oil and herbs or with Indian spices, as Korma or Byriani.

The best season to enjoy monkfish cheeks, tail and liver is during March, April and May but this fish is caught all year long. France is indeed the first fishing country and exports this popular specie at the four corners of the world. Checking the quality of monkfish, make sure the flesh is bright, elastic and firm.


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