Hana Yuzu Agrume Baches

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Hana Yuzu Agrume Baches

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Perrine & Etienne are both travellers, true lovers of citrus fruits. After a world tour, having discovered some varieties in New Caledonia where they stayed for more than 3 years, the couple of agricultural engineers decided to take over Agrumes Baches, a savory mix of their wish to cultivate bio-diversity and tropical fruits.

This is when Alain Ducasse, 15 years ago, Chef fell for their delicious bergamot that Agrumes Baches started to become famous among Chefs and the gastronomy. The French citrus farm is located at the feet of Mount Canigou, a sacred mountain of the Catalans, in the Pyrenees Orientales. An exceptional climate and terroir offer to the citrus the optimal conditions to grow far from their exotic country, with the exact same organoleptic qualities.

It is since 30 years that Agrumes Baches develop their tropical varieties in this singular landscape, loved by all.


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