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Established in 1887, Amand Darbonne chose Milly-la-Forêt, renowned for its medicinal plant cultivation since the 12th century, as the foundation for an extraordinary journey in agriculture and industry. A visionary and pioneer, Amand instilled in subsequent generations – André, Marc, Luc, and Charles – a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a profound connection to humanity. Darégal, a name synonymous with passion for aromatic plants, thrives on taste innovation and bold aromatic endeavors. The company, ever-responsive to evolving needs, forges pathways connecting agricultural expertise, industrial advancements, and customer support.

Dedicated to the selection and preservation of diverse aromatic plant species, Darégal's plants and seeds undergo stringent selection programs based on taste, agronomic qualities, terroir compatibility, and sensory attributes like scent, color, and texture. The company actively preserves taste heritage for future generations and even domesticates wild plants in the pursuit of unique varieties.

Investing significantly in Research and Development, Darégal remains at the forefront of technology with patented machines and exclusive processes. These technologies enable the restoration of organoleptic qualities through tailored cuts for each plant and packaging that guarantees freshness.

Committed to impeccable food safety, Darégal employs HACCP procedures, online controls, and various analyses, obtaining the latest certifications. Traceability, free from GMOs, coloring, and preservatives, is ensured from the field to the plate. Embracing Sustainable Development, Darégal meticulously manages environmental impacts throughout its product life cycle.


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