Truffle White First Choice Pico Tuber Magnatum

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Truffle White First Choice Pico Tuber Magnatum

Explore the Bellorr universe, an realm of distinction, through exquisite and unparalleled products! Established in 2008, the Bellorr brand was brought to life through serendipitous encounters while preserving its roots as a family narrative. Today, it stands as a pinnacle of French achievement within its industry.

Romain Belloir, the visionary behind this culinary odyssey, was able to assemble a team of four seasoned artisans: Jérôme LEspagne, a truffle cultivator and broker, Jean Phillippe Rousseau and Eric Vilair, dedicated snail breeders, and Michel Berthommier, a caviar producer from Aquitaine.
Bellorr stands as a premier supplier, catering to a prestigious and discerning global clientele. From Paris to Hong Kong, Tokyo to New York, all the way to San Francisco and Geneva, Bellorr products grace the most exquisite dining tables, representing the pinnacle of international gastronomy.

Quality, zeal, swift response, traceability, and professionalism are the cornerstone of Maison Bellorr's identity, establishing it as a true institution capable of fulfilling the most exacting requests from its clientele.


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