Apricot Cal 3A

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Apricot Cal 3A

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The fruit has a round shape, a groove in the middle, a deep yellow to red skin, and a stone inside containing a bitter kernel. That’s the fruit of the apricot tree.

Appearance: Orange to yellow skin with small spots of red (Rouge du Roussillon), or overlaid with dark red (Bergarouge).

Touch: Apricots are soft to the touch.

Taste: The flesh of a French apricot is usually quite fragrant. Its surface is particularly musky, the Rouge du Roussillon is delicate, the Orangé de Provence melts in the mouth, and the Bergeron is more intense.

Fresh apricots are fat-free and rich in Vitamin A. Although the stone containing the kernel is naturally bitter, it will gently enhance a compote, jam, or coulis made from this summer fruit.


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