Oil Olive Espelette Pepper infused

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Oil Olive Espelette Pepper infused

The unique and potent taste of Espelette pepper, the signature indredient in Basque cuisine, comes into its own in this olive oil infusion. Simultaneously powerful and subtle, only 4g of pepper for every litre of olive oil is required to give the infusion a deep orange colour. It's the perfect accompaniment to all your Basque dishes: piperade, veal shoulder stew, chicken casserole.

A L'Oliver company was built in the year 1822 by Monsieur Popelin, a Pharmacist who set a shop devoted to olive oil and it has an amazing history of how it started. It was already predicted by Monsieur Popelin in the year 1822 and soon the oil was famous and accepted for those who adored the Meditterean way of life.

The company was also rewarded with two silver medals at the Worlds Fairs of 1867 and 1869. Having passed through Popelin in the year 2014 a family company the Bailly group/ A L'Olivier now boosts of sixty, spread over its three sites in Franc. The Company's olive oils, vinegar, and other specialties are selected in the provencal workshops near France are prepared and bottled. A few kilometers in the west of France their mill makes delicious nut and seed oils using traditional artisanal methods.


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