Spread Chocolate Hazelnut Pate A Tartiner

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Spread Chocolate Hazelnut Pate A Tartiner

There was a person name Francis Miot who was a jam maker in the southwest of jam and now the brand uses its name and the techniques with new artisanal skills to manufacture and distribute jams, confectionery, and exceptional chocolates made with care and passion.

Francis Miot began to learn the taste and flavor of several jams at a very early age and this all happened because of its grandmother, It was his grandmother's love with which he discovered thousands of flavors colors scents that would be a source of inspiration of future.

As he grew up he learned many other professions and explored other avenues. Due to his enthusiasm and gluttony towards the jams, he went back to his first passion with which he gained a tricks to preserve fruits and convert them into jams. This is how Francis began to create the jams by not only with berries but also with other fruits and the Maison Francis was born.


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