Chips Buckweat De Sarrasin With Guérande Sea Salt Flavor

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Chips Buckweat De Sarrasin With Guérande Sea Salt Flavor

Bret's Guérande Sea Salt Flavored Buckwheat Chips are a savory snack crafted from buckwheat flour and seasoned with the renowned Guérande sea salt. Buckwheat, a staple in French cooking, imparts a delightful nutty and earthy essence to these chips. Guérande sea salt, harvested from the pristine Guérande salt marshes in France, adds a gentle and mild salinity, enhancing the overall flavor profile.

Bret's, a family-owned enterprise headquartered in Pontivy, Morbihan, has proudly represented the French potato chip industry since 1995. Their core mission is to elevate Breton potatoes' excellence in every chip they create.

Their journey began in 1991 when Alain Glon partnered with Breton farmers to establish a dedicated potato sector for chips, benefiting local farmers. In 1995, they founded the first Breton crisps factory, pioneering flavored crisps in the French market under the Brets brand.


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