Pasta Egg with Mushroom Porcini & Truffle

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Pasta Egg with Mushroom Porcini & Truffle

Indulge in a tantalizing culinary experience with our Tartufissima - a unique blend of two beloved symbols of our region: the rich, earthy truffle and the delectable cep mushroom.

Our artisan pasta is crafted with meticulous care, from hand-shaping to hand-packaging. The pasta is bronze-extruded and laminated, ensuring a distinctive elastic texture that sets it apart from the rest. Every step of the pasta-making process is done with precision, including the cutting of the pasta with knives for that perfectly crafted shape.

With every bite of our Tartufissima, you'll savor the delectable blend of flavors that only our region can offer. Experience the ultimate indulgence with our uniquely crafted artisan pasta - it's an experience you won't forget!


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