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Rice Acquerello

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Rice Acquerello

This rice is richer because it is aged for a year in refrigerated silos. The starch is more stable and the flavor is enhanced. It is also the healthiest, because thanks to a patented process, the rice germ is absorbed by the grains, giving them all the nutritional value of brown rice. <br

Only the rice grains that pass the 20 processing and selection steps become Acquerello. One of them is the helix, still considered the best method for rice whitening: rice grains rub one against the other, avoiding any damage. Starch is stabilized, thus the rice grain will release less starch during cooking and will increase liquid absorbtion. 

Germ is the vital part of a rice grain. It contains most of the vitamins and micronutrients of rice. During whitening the germ separates from the rice grain, but thanks to a patented process we are able to restore it within the grain, enhancing its nutritional values.


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