Raclette with Truffle

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Raclette with Truffle

Raclette A La Truffe is known as "Raclette à la Truffe" is made from pasteurized cow's milk with a mixture of a beautiful orange cylindrical crust combined with a smooth texture and a very subtle taste of truffle notes.

The Marchand Brothers offer this cheese which is prepared according to a traditional recipe based on family, know-how passed down from generation to generation. The involvement of different cheesemakers at different stages has resulted in some changes to the tradition allowing them to offer innovative and unique cheeses.

The tale goes that the mountain shepherds used to light a fire to keep warm during the winter. One of these shepherds would have put his cheese too close to the fire... and the cheese wheel would have begun to melt, making the shepherd "scrape" it off to remove the melted cheese. It was delicious and he repeated the experience at home, then at friends' houses. The rest was word of mouth. A traditional raclette was born!

Raclette is delicious when served melted over potatoes with a selection of cold cuts, together with onions and gherkins.


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