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Discover our Classic signature filled with inspirations from a niche selection of premium pastry & culinary ingredients.

Sourcing for you with the best seasonal fruits and vegetables from around the world when the ingredients are at their peak, so you can craft delicious dishes.

The seafood includes Sturia's Fresh Caviar, French meaty oysters by Tarbouriech, Sant Keber & Prat Ar Coum exclusively selected for your culinary creations. Our meat & poultry selection is comprised of premium cuts sourced from the best producers where cattle graze freely on natural pastures, resulting in delicious flavor, perfect marbling, and consistent quality.

Further, it includes artisanal cheeses made by French cheesemongers Les Freres Marchand sourcing the milk from specific regions in Europe converting them into artisanal French cheese.

The Bread & Pastry category is another must-see: One of the most important categories comprising of finest chocolate selection by WEISS from France!

Terre Bormane's aged olive oils & balsamic are recognized by chefs around the world, followed by designer oils bringing to your table the best expressions of culinary art.





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