Beef Cecina De Leon IGP Smoked Whole Knuckle Piece with Luxury Box

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Beef Cecina De Leon Smoked with Luxury Box 

The Cecinas Nieto company was founded by José Nieto Blas, descended from a family of muleteers resident in the Maragateria district (in the east of León). It is here that he learned the traditional techniques for preparing dried beef Cecina de León. These were the beginnings of a project which continues to this day, whose essential motivation is to provide a QUALITY product, prepared with care and expertise hand down through generations. The combination of the elements: Land, Water, Wind, Fire, and Time, transform the Cecina de León into a product that is natural, with distinctive qualities that are unique around the world.

Cecinas Nieto constantly performs quality control procedures to ensure raw materials chosen are in compliance with the hygienic and health standards stipulated by the European Veterinary Standard, as well as the Cecina de León PGI (Protected Geographical Identification) Regulatory Council.

In order to achieve a high-quality product, they choose the best hindquarters from the best breed of cow. The tasty meat is gently smoked in oak barrels for at least twelve months, and only natural ingredients are added for a delicious and unique taste.


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