Puree-Apple Granny Smith Green 10% Sweetened

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Puree-Apple Granny Smith Green 10% Sweetened

Maison Ponthier has specifically selected a Granny Smith apple grown at an altitude of 400 meters at the foot of the Mont d'Or. The deep and fertile low alpine soils offer alluvial and colluvial qualities ideal for growing fruit. Sensitive to strong frosts but not too cold, apple trees need winter but fear spring frosts.

The very sunny climate of southeastern France gives Granny Smith apples their tart, juicy and fragrant character. Granny Smith apples from Haute Provence can be recognized by their freshness: firm, crisp, and tart flesh, thick, bright green skin, shiny and smooth, with no dark marks. Ponthier purée perfectly reproduces the texture of the fruit, its bittersweet flavor with notes of citrus and vegetable aromas.


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