Sal Viva Living Salt Angel Leon

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The salt can be activated with water or with flavored or flavored liquids with the Sosa range of water-soluble aromas. It works in a high pH range. Liquids that contain suspended solids and/or fats hinder the reaction, making it more delicate for recrystallization .

SOSA Ingredients, a global leader since 1967, produces premium ingredients for chefs worldwide. From freeze-dried fruits to texturizing agents, their range caters to culinary professionals in 80+ countries. Situated near Barcelona, their creations prioritize quality, leveraging technology for constant innovation. Committed to ethical gastronomy advancement, Sosa adheres to the principles of modern cuisine—more texture, more flavor, less fat, and less sugar—empowering chefs to bring their visions to life. Embark on a culinary journey with Sosa Ingredients, where every dish reflects culinary dreams.

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