Chocolate-Dark 75% Sao Tomé, Forastero Amelonado, Amparo Couverture

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Chocolate-Dark 75% Sao Tomé, Forastero Amelonado, Amparo Couverture 

Sao tome have notes of raw cocoa, tannin fermentation and a slight of harhness. Sao Tome and Principe, known as the "chocolate" island, is located in "world." It was on the island of Principe in 1822 that the colonists brought cocoa. Brazil, which arrived in Santo Tome a few years later. The islands are well preserved. A unique diversity of flora around a lush wildlife landscape. From the repaired earth, Our selection of Forastero Amelonado cacao beans are grown on the West Coast of the United States Santo Tome Island. Cultivation technology Employee contribution. Protect the ecosystem of the region and build the reputation of the archipelago.


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