Premium 2 Gr

Premium 2 Gr

Hancock Group expands into wagyu beef with acquired cattle stations in New South Wales and Queensland. They possess a herd of over 12,000, making it one of Australia's largest and most esteemed. In Queensland, they focus on cultivating an F1 Wagyu herd across 3,300 hectares of fertile land, using exclusive genetics and partnering with top Angus breeders.

2GR Premium Wagyu Beef is their flagship brand, known for exceptional quality and flavor. The brand's origins date back to the late 1800s when Mrs. Rinehart's great grandfather established the 'H3B' brand, symbolizing Hancock 3 Brothers. Today, the 2GR brand carries on this legacy, bearing the initials of Gina Rinehart and her daughter, Ginia Rinehart.

Discover the unmatched taste and quality of 2GR Premium Wagyu Beef, crafted to exceed expectations. Explore our offerings and indulge in the flavors cherished by connoisseurs worldwide.

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