Sanchoku Pure Wagyu

Sanchoku Pure Wagyu

Sanchoku Pure Wagyu: Elevating Stanbroke's Commitment to Excellence
At Stanbroke, they take immense pride in presenting Sanchoku Pure Wagyu, an exceptional offering that embodies our unwavering dedication to the Sanchoku philosophy and represents the pinnacle of luxury Australian Wagyu beef.

Through a meticulous blend of thoughtfully selected Fullblood and Purebred Wagyu genetics, Stanbroke has embraced a contemporary breeding approach that remains rooted in authentic Japanese Wagyu customs. The result is a range of Sanchoku Pure Wagyu products renowned for their rich, buttery flavors and exceptional eating quality that discerning customers truly crave.

Sanchoku Pure Wagyu: Where Authenticity Meets Unparalleled Flavor Sanchoku, a revered Japanese philosophy, revolves around the principle of sourcing food and produce directly from its origin. This practice fosters transparency between customers and producers, championing the production of the highest quality produce while prioritizing animal welfare. With our Sanchoku Pure Wagyu beef, we proudly honor this philosophy by combining the finest Japanese Wagyu genetics with the supreme quality and purity of Australian beef.

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Beef F4 Wagyu Pure Bred Flap Meat 120D SB9+

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