France Haliotis

France Haliotis

France Haliotis is a French fish company specializing in the production of abalone, a type of edible snail. The company is based in the city of Vannes, Brittany, France.

France Haliotis operates its own abalone farm, raising snails in a controlled environment to ensure quality and taste. The abalone is then processed in our own factory and packaged using traditional methods to preserve its natural flavor and texture.

France Haliotis offers a wide variety of abalone products, including canned abalone, frozen abalone and fresh abalone. The company's products are sold in France and exported to other countries around the world.

France Haliotis is committed to sustainable and responsible fish production and its abalone farms are certified by various organizations for environmental and social standards.

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Abalone Farmed Live

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Abalone Farmed Live 200/300 GR

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