Laumont is a brand with a rich history and a clear vision for the future. Founded over 40 years ago by Josep Maria Serentill, the company has built an extensive network of truffle and mushroom harvesters and producers. Under the guidance of Josep's son, Jordi Serentill, Laumont continues to thrive and uphold its core values.

With a daily average of 500 transactions, Laumont operates with the same intuition, passion, professionalism, seriousness, and commitment as it did when it first started in 1980. The company has two selection centers located in Tàrrega and Valladolid, and actively participates in renowned wholesale markets like Mercabarna, Mercamadrid, and Mercabilbao.

Laumont's dedication to delivering exceptional quality and its pursuit of excellence form the foundation of its history and shape its future vision. The company embraces constant innovation, maintains rigorous standards, and fosters a culture of teamwork. Their unwavering focus is to always select the best products, ensuring that their customers receive nothing but the finest offerings.

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