ICON XB Wagyu is founded on a full-blood Wagyu herd in Tasmania, Australia, part of Paradigm company. Built on the famous Tajima bloodline of the Kuroge Washu breed and ICON XB Wagyu draws on some of the oldest and most renowned Japanese Wagyu genetics shares the genetic predisposition for exceptional marbling, texture, and taste.

ICON XB-Wagyu is the result of collaboration with pioneering geneticists, cattle breeders and producers. It is created by crossing full blood (100%) Wagyu bull over an Angus cow. ICON XB cattle are raised and long-fed over a period of 24 to 36 months in open pastures with access to premium feed rations. When the cattle finally enter the feedlot, much of the hard work in ensuring a premium end-product has been done. The cattle then enjoy a specifically and scientifically tailored feed ration for 12 months.

All cattle are raised with the highest animal welfare standards with minimal animal handling and stress-free production to ensure the best care. ICON XB Wagyu consistently displays superior qualities in texture, tenderness, taste and high marbling scores – a “melt-in-your-mouth” experience

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Beef Wagyu Cuberoll 7Rib MB 4/5 Grain Fed

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